AV Maniacs formerly DVD maniacs

A collection of articles and interviews not directly linked with DVD.

The Dirty Mind Of Sharon Kelly: An Interview With Sharon Kelly by Ian Jane

An Interview With Erica Gavin by Ian Jane

D.O.A.'s Not Dead Yet: An Interview With Joe Keithly by Ian Jane

An Interview With Kevin J. Murphy by Ian Jane

Something Weird by Vince Bonvoglia

Ted V. Mikels on Astro Zombies by Vince Bonavoglia
Ted V. Mikels on The Undertaker and His Pals by Vince Bonavoglia
An Interview with Producer Alfredo Leone by Troy Howarth
An Interview with Cult Movie Maverick, Bill Lustig by Edwin Samuelson
An Interview with the renaissance man of porn, Bill Margold by Ian Jane
An Interview with Norm Hill by Edwin Samuelson and Ian Jane
An Interview With Shaun Costello by Ian Jane and Robin Bougie
An Interview With Eric Stanze Of Wicked Pixel Cinema by Ian Jane
An Interview Sam Firstenberg by Ian Jane
DVD Maniacs Book Of The Month Club: Bronson's Loose! The Making Of The Death Wish Films
Deep Inside Bat Pussy by Matthew Allison
Just The Facts Jaeckin - An Interview With Just Jaeckin by Nathaniel Thompson
An Interview With Mark Savage by Ian Jane
Cocked And Loaded: An Interview With Tommy Pistol by Ian Jane
An Interview With Dante Tomaselli by Troy Howarth