AV Maniacs formerly DVD maniacs

www.severin-films.com   specialists in European exploitation fare
www.darkskyfilms.com   one of the finest horror labels in America.
www.cinemasewer.com   the journal of sleaze and exploitation.
www.legendhouse.net   Johnny Legend's DVD label releases interesting esoteric films.
www.somethingweird.com   the legendary exploitation powerhouse!
www.wildeast.net   One of the few labels to give spaghetti westerns the love they deserve!
www.cultepics.com   Art house, erotica and horror - Cult Epics does it all.
www.mondomacabrodvd.com   Specializing in weird and wild cinema from all four corners of the globe.
www.paramount.com/paramount   One of the biggest and best of the major Hollywood studios.
www.animeigo.com   Specializing in Japanese imports, animated and live action.
www.mvd.com   Music Video Distribrutors - the name says it all.
www.alphabluearchives.com   ABA continues to unearth some of the most obscure XXX films of the 70s
www.kimstim.com   An interesting selection of arthouse and forign cinema.
www.lurkerfilms.com   The cinema of H.P. Lovecraft lives!
www.criterionco.com   Home to the prestigous Criterion Collection of DVDs.
www.deimosdvd.com   BCI's horror label
www.roninentertainment.com   BCI's Asian label
www.cinemaepoch.com   Specializing in films you've never heard of but probably should have!
www.subversivecinema.com   Another fine North American cult label.
www.xploitedcinema.com   Import cult and horror DVD specialist with a little bit of everything to satisfy all cult-cinema aficionados.
www.rue-morgue.com   Canada's leading horror magazine's official site.
www.blue-underground.com   Bill Lustig's company is one of the best!
www.dvd-basen.dk   The DVD Review Database!
www.darkdreams.org   The Official Dario Argento Page!
www.thedigitalbits.com   Great Site for DVD News and Reviews
www.exhumedfilms.com   The great guys in Jersey who show many wonderful films official site
www.dvdfile.com   Excellent site for news and reviews
www.synapse-films.com   The Great Don May's Company
www.dvdreview.com   Site for DVD Reviews
www.dvdtalk.com   Want to make a trade? Look here
www.thedigitalterror.com   Great Horror site by by our friend David
www.thecinemalaser.com   DVD Reviews
www.anchorbayentertainment.com   The best horror themed DVD company
www.horrormovies.com   Best Horror Board on the Web
www.crashcinema.com   The Home of the Kung Fu Action
Elite Entertainment   The company that started it all
Santo & Friends   If you love the Mexican wrestler Santo, then this is the site for you. Our friend Pete loves this guy and it really shows. Be sure to sign the guest book!
Crash Cinema   The makers of the Sonny Chiba collection and all around purveyors of fine, fine, kung-fu.
www.eccentric-cinema.com   Brian Lindsey's well written review sight offers some great reading for those into oddball films.
Image Entertainment   Producers and distributors of all manner of DVDs, including the Something Weird and Euroshock lines.
www.inflictionfilms.com   The official site of Infliction Films
www.fantasiafestival.com   The official site of the Fantasia film fest!
Unearthed Films   The fine folks who had enough guts to bring you the Guinea Pig films and other extreme horror titles!
www.pokerindustries.com   The Best place with excellent if not the best prices to order Jackie Chan and Jet Li movies with over 300 other Hong Kong DVDs in stock. Ask for Michael and tell them DVD Maniacs sent you.